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A Better Way to Create Books

What is FG Press?

Since 2010, we have been writing books about startups, entrepreneurship, and technology. We’ve worked with a large, traditional publishing firm and had significant success with these books. However, the entire process, especially around the engagement with our readers, left us unsatisfied.

As venture capitalists, we are constantly exploring new approaches to existing businesses. There is an enormous amount of change currently going on in the publishing industry at all levels.

We believe that over the next five years the book publishing market, which we like to refer to as “long-form content,” will change radically.

Historically, the author was the content provider. The publisher was everything else, including editor, production, distribution, sales, and marketing. The reader simply purchased and consumed the content.

During the past few years we have experienced a significant change in how this works, but we are still in the beginning phase of what will be an enormous shift in roles, behaviors, and interactions.

FG Press intends to be at the forefront of this change, experimenting constantly in order to build a strong community around long-form written content in the domain of entrepreneurship. You’ll see non-fiction, fiction, self-help, and science fiction from us. And you’ll see a wide range of known and unknown writers.



We are different

For several hundred years the publishing industry has operated with a static business model. This model has generated a great deal of economic value and has acted as a meaningful medium for social change. However, due to recent market changes, technological advances, and shifts in social behavior, this value creation has been severely marginalized. It is our opinion that the old publishing model has run its course, and the time has come for a new process to supplant the old.

FG Press is building a publishing house that leverages today's technologies and attitudes. We believe there should be no barrier to entry for the creation of long-form content, quality should never be compromised to grow the bottom line and there should exist a direct and continuous relationship between author and reader.

We operationalize this through simple contracts, guidance, and support within a community of writers. These writers work together as part of an extended network, with us, to develop the best content for a specific audience of readers. We then connect readers and writers together in a relationship that goes well beyond the printed page.

What you see today is just the beginning. As a group of forward thinkers working in a culture of innovation, FG Press will continue to experiment with long-form content, the relationship between author and publisher, and author and reader.

Built for authors

85 15 split
85/15 Split
While the traditional publishing model exists to help authors with publishing their work, we've found that except in very small cases, the vast majority of the work is still the responsibility of the author. The effort involved with dealing with a traditional publisher often eliminates any opportunity to experiment with new technologies, distribution methods, and formats. To add insult to injury, the economics suck, with the author getting on average only 15% of the royalties.
50 50 split
FG Press
50/50 Split
FG Press is built from the ground up from the author’s perspective. Since we are now publishing all of our own books through FG Press, we are the ultimate lead user of our own product . From the initial development of a relationship between author and publisher, through the writing and production process, to the marketing and distribution of the book, we are uncompromising in using forward looking technologies and approaches to create the best possible book. And, to make it simple, we split everything 50/50.

Built for readers

A physical book can be a thing of beauty, but long-form content is no longer just found on the printed page. It lives on screens and mobile devices and breathes through blog posts and comments.

Unlike other publishers, the ebook is not a second class citizen at FG Press . We are aggressively innovating using the digital page to bring you embedded rich media, direct author interaction, and dynamic updates to existing books. And we are working on numerous sales, distribution, bundling, and subscription approaches, to bring the most content to you in a variety flexible and affordable ways.

FG Press books are three dimensional. We value the page, the screen, and engagement between readers and writers. Today's reader should demand nothing less.

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Looking forward

We have many goals that we feel represent monumental changes to the publishing industry. Like every great modern startup, we'll experiment continuously. Some things will work, while others won't. But we'll keep trying new things, listen carefully to our authors and readers, and offer a steady stream of new advancements as we build FG Press.