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Behind-the-scenes of Cover Design

Kevin Barrett Kane headshot
Written by Kevin Barrett Kane 2 years ago

One of the luxuries of being small team is that the cover design is often a collaborative process. When I first begin to design the cover, I try to include everyone on the team, including the author, as a simple way to get everyone involved with the creation of the final product, and to create excitement about the upcoming release.

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What Matters Most

Dane McDonald headshot
Written by Dane McDonald 2 years ago

Being a CEO can be a daunting, humbling and lonely endeavor. Daily stresses are numerous and the ever present possibility that the house of cards is suddenly going to come crumbling down can become petrifying. This most recent situation in my life certainly rattled my cage, force...

Publishing a Book is Easy. Shhh.

Eugene Wan headshot
Written by Eugene Wan 2 years ago

The process of getting our newest books, The Guides by Aaron Goldfarb, sent to you was probably quite simple. A couple clicks on Amazon and they are either living on your Kindle or, after a few days, sitting on your welcome mat as you come home from work. But allow me to let you ...

Are The Guides Too Edgy For FG Press?

Sandy Grason headshot
Written by Sandy Grason 2 years ago

I am writing this at 4am, only four days before our next book(s) launch and I've just received my first cancellation from a well-known podcast host; "I've just read the first chapter and it's too racy for my audience". I can feel the panic beginning to creep in...

Designing Two Books At Once

Kevin Barrett Kane headshot
Written by Kevin Barrett Kane 2 years ago

We started FG Press under the auspices of publishing extraordinary people doing extraordinary things, and Aaron Goldfarb, without a doubt, is an extraordinary writer. His work in The Guides is as witty as it is alarming. These are voyeuristic “guidebooks” into the turbulent c...

Why You Should Write

Adam Griffin headshot
Written by Adam Griffin 2 years ago

Growing up, I never wrote. The first time I wrote anything of substance wasn’t until I was 22 years old. I was at a hotel in Costa Rica. My best friend in the world had passed away just a few months prior, and I took off on a backpacking trip trying to find something. What it w...

The Story of My First Company

David Cohen headshot
Written by David Cohen 2 years ago

It was pretty fun to sit on stage recently with Techstars co-founder David Brown to tell our story about how we built and sold our first company, Pinpoint Technologies. We put together a few short videos from the talk that highlight our entrepreneurial adventures.

4 Lessons Learned from the Founders of Techstars

David Brown headshot
Written by David Brown 2 years ago

In 1993, David Cohen and David Brown founded their first company, Pinpoint Technologies, which grew from a basement startup to a successful multinational company with $50 million in annual sales and over 250 employees. Here are a few of the most important lessons they learned fro...

Here's My Founder's Story

David Brown headshot
Written by David Brown 2 years ago

The updated version of No Vision all Drive happened because of a coincidence. I wrote the first edition ten years ago, just after I left my first startup. My purpose then was to preserve the memories of something that David Cohen and I had built together. Ali Berman at Techstars...

The Birth of Our Book

Luke Deering headshot
Written by Luke Deering 2 years ago

The idea for Accelerate came about in November of 2012. We were looking through the content from our blog - HowToWriteABusinessPlan.com and the most popular posts listed top accelerator programs in the world, along with posts from entrepreneurs that had graduated from an accelera...