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Written by David Brown 2 years ago

The updated version of No Vision all Drive happened because of a coincidence.

I wrote the first edition ten years ago, just after I left my first startup, Pinpoint Technologies. My purpose then was to preserve the memories of something that David Cohen and I had built together, with help from Bob Durkin and so many others. As memories of people and events faded, I wanted to preserve the story, for myself, for my family, for other entrepreneurs, and for anyone else who was interested.

Ali Berman at Techstars recently discovered it and ordered a bunch of copies, so I felt compelled to read it again, probably for the first time in a decade. I had no idea that I would be gripped by it, reading it in one sitting, captured both by the trip down memory lane as well as how much I realized I have learned since I wrote the book.

I immediately got excited about the prospect of an update. I wrote the story of what happened in the next ten years in one sitting on a flight from Denver to New York. Dane and the great folks at FGPress were kind enough to agree to publish it. I hope that you enjoy it!



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