I’m Inappropriate and I Like It

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Written by Brad Feld 3 years ago


In the startup world we are constantly experimenting. We are accustomed to taking chances. Our tolerance for risk is an 11 on a scale from 1 – 10.

Things are different outside of our technology, startup, experimenting, rogue, creative, innovator, and misfit universe. Last week one of our authors at FG Press, Jane Miller, who has been extremely successful at navigating the corporate world, successfully climbing ladders, and breaking some glass ceilings, bumped into what happens when you push the boundaries of Corporate America.

Jane tells the full story on her blog post titled Jane Knows Rejection. The short version is that she had been accepted as a member of a prestigious speakers bureau. As she was gearing up to spend time with them, they fired her, before she got started, with a note that said:

“I’m sorry to report some disappointing news to you via email. We’ve received feedback from some of our sales teams requesting to remove your page from our website as they felt the material was inappropriate for some of their customer base.”

I expect this was a reaction to the title of Jane’s new book, Sleep Your Way To The TOP. My guess is, not only did the people in the sales team not read the book, they missed the subtitle, which is “*and other myths about business success.”

Inappropriate? Seriously? I looked through the list of other speakers on this particular organization’s web site. Many are household names; some aren’t. I’m going to bet that at least one of them has some inappropriate behavior in their past, depending on how one defines “inappropriate.” How about “human” – let’s start there.

Jane Miller is refreshing and honest and real. Yes, Jane’s book cover and title are provocative. Yes, Jane sometimes uses colorful language to make a point. But who really wants to listen to another old white dude tell you his success secrets?

I’m impressed at Jane’s ability to recover quickly from this ego-bruising rejection (she blogged about it the day after she received the email). And I’m proud to be publishing her provocative, real, honest, and possibly inappropriate book.

And if you haven’t already, get your copy of Jane’s book right here:

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