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Ryan is co-founder and Managing Director at Foundry Group, and early-stage technology-focused venture capital firm based in Boulder, CO. During his two decades in the technology industry, Ryan has been a software engineer, entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist.

Ryan began his venture investing career in 2000 when he joined Mobius Venture Capital. Notable companies that Ryan has invested in include Postini (acq. GOOG), Sling Media (acq. DISH), and StubHub (acq. EBAY).

Prior to becoming a venture investor, Ryan co-founded Excite in 1993, which went public in 1996 and later became Excite@Home following the $6.7 billion merger of Excite and @Home in 1999.

Prior to Excite, Ryan held software development roles at Oracle and Canon Research of America.

Ryan holds a degree in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University, is an avid guitarist and songwriter, an occasional marathoner (five thus far), and is conducting an extensive exploration of the world’s great beers.

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