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The Value of Fiction in a Serious World

Written by William Hertling 3 years ago

At the Silicon Flatirons conference on Science Fiction & Entrepreneurship one of the speakers told an anecdote about how he had asked Brad Feld for a business book recommendation. Brad said he didn’t read them, but proceeded to recommend some science fiction books instead. There’s an undercurrent of sentiment in our society that science fiction isn’t serious, and therefore isn’t worthy of reading. After all, science fiction isn’t real. It creates tension for the sake of story where none might exist in the real world. And worst of all, it so often gets the science wrong.

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William Hertling is the author of the award-winning novels Avogadro Corp: The Singularity is Closer than it Appears, A.I. Apocalypse, and The Last Firewall. These near-term science-fiction novels explore the emergence of artificial intelligence, coexistence of humans and smart machines, and the impact of social reputation, technological unemployment, and other near-future issues. His novels have been called “frighteningly plausible,” “tremendous,” and “must read.”

Avogadro Corp won Forewords Review Science Fiction Book of the Year and A.I. Apocalypse was nominated for the Prometheus Award for Best Novel. The Last Firewall was endorsed by tech luminaries including Harper Reed (CTO for Obama Campaign), Ben Huh (CEO Cheezburger), and Brad Feld (managing director Foundry Group), Amber Case (cyborg anthropologist) and Chris Anderson (CEO 3DRobotics, former Editor-in-Chief Wired).

He’s been influenced by writers such as William Gibson, Charles Stross, Cory Doctorow, and Walter Jon Williams.

William Hertling was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up a digital native in the early days of bulletin board systems. His first experiences with net culture occurred when he wired seven phone lines into the back of his Apple //e to build an online chat system.

He currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Follow him on twitter at @hertling or visit his blog williamhertling.com.

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